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Last week I received some of of the most exciting news in my artistic pursuit, a letter of acceptance. For the first time, I can say I’ve been able to open a letter from a submission process and read the word “accepted” within the first paragraph. My philosophy has always been to “just apply”, as you never know what can happen or who’s eye you can catch. I started this philosophy almost 2 years ago, and I’ve been meet with defeat up to this point. The amount of encouragement this gives me is astounding. I have my brushes to canvas on double time now as I have been given the “Go” to go as big as I want to for my upcoming showcase.

I received a Jackpot grant from the Nevada Arts Council which will help fund my June exhibition “Duality Process” taking place at Reno Art Works the entire month of June. The grant will help pay for installation materials, framing materials, and promotion material. This support will be tremendous. I am planning on painting and creating more of the installations on-site for June’s showcase. I hope that this will be a different kind of art show than what people expect as the main focus will be on the process of installation as opposed to curation.

While acceptance letters aren’t everything in an artistic process, I think they can be really big boosts of encouragement that can remind an artist to keep pushing forward, even when it seems as if there is no progress. Thank you very much Nevada Arts Council for your support and encouragement to grow as an artist.


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This article was written by ALKME