Appreciating a Work/Life Balance

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Appreciating a Work/Life Balance

And just like that, it’s 2017. February to be exact so the new year is well under way. I came by my website wondering “what have I been up to?” and well, it’s time to answer that question. Truth be told, I landed a really nice job in Portland that has jump started my web development career. In July of last year, I became a member of Wacom’s Web Services team. As long time fan of the Intuos Pro and Wacom’s digital drawing devices, it’s been very refreshing to work for a company and product I believe in. I tell people, it’s like an athlete working for Nike.

That being said, this job is a Web Services position which means that I am learning everything current in web development.  And being that it is a service based job means that I am doing a little bit of everything to make the business and users happy. Often, I am working in JIRA and helping internal users get content built and added to the website. Many of the challenges our team faces has to do with translations. As we are a global company, it’s important that we work together with our German and Japanese offices to get the best regional content for every user. I also work with the developers to suggest new features or discover bugs; we work together to find solutions that will help our team’s Quality of Life and make our entire solution more robust. My favorite part of the job is when I work alongside the UI/UX designers by taking their finished designs and turning them into functioning pages using the Sitecore CMS. I quite enjoy this position in that there is always different to do to help bring the website into alignment with the business’ brand and goals.

I am hoping to continue growing with the company and within this position, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stop learning or creating. For me, it has been a huge change to have a single job that actually supports me. With that, I’ve actually had an opportunity to learn the value of a proper work/life balance. I’ve been able to work my 8 hour day and leave everything at work. Being that I’m still very new the PDX area, I’m using this “free time” to explore the city and learn about where I live. For a long time, a big push for me was to “get out of my hometown” and make art. Now that I’ve done that and made it to the mark I’ve set for myself, it’s time to enjoy it, own it and reflect on it so that I can see more clearly what’s ahead of me. I have a big fear of becoming complacent so I make sure to keep challenging myself. So instead of intense art focus, my focus now has become relationships. How to make new genuine connections, how to maintain the good connections I have with friends in different places and how to enjoy the friends I have made here in the city. I still love making art and getting creative, but I think there is a season for everything. Instead of having my nose to the canvas, I decided to look up and see the world around me. It has been quite refreshing for me to take a break and reflect on everything a bit. It makes me excited to create again with a new perspective. My studio, my paints, my brushes, my pens, they will always be waiting for me

I am excited to reveal that I am working on a really nice website redesign for my friend Tyler Staffard. Hoping to get that finalized in the next month or so. The website is designed, just waiting on some superb content to launch it with. That being said, don’t be surprised if you see this site get an overhaul. Now that I’m starting to see how complex content is assembled it’s giving me big ideas. Thanks for the read ~

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