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Midway through 2016 I find myself continually updating my portfolio and getting myself ready for new and challenging work. That being said, I felt it was time to talk about my process. I have a very diverse portfolio, but I think it’s important to see how my appreciation for repetitive process and creative problem solving have become paths to success no matter what medium or project I am working on.


First, I think it’s important to have a simple model to reference. I’ve been a big fan of the double-diamond workflow since I was introduced to it. Kudos to (Stubbs Creative) for creating an excellent blog post that expands on the Double Diamond workflow.


A. Discover – learn about the problem B. Define – Define solutions to the problem C. Execute – start building the solutions. This is where ideas turn into actions. D. Deliver – test and redefine the solution to make sure you have solved the problem efficiently and effectively.


Let’s take a look at my most recent painting. “The Great Revealer” was painting created from one of my daily sketches. I try to sketch daily, and sometimes I come up with really good ideas. A local gallery was having a large National exhibition and I decide to turn my sketch into a painting. This painting is a personification of time as a “great revealer”.

What I think is important to take away from my artistic process, is that there is very much a rhyme and reason to my decisions. I like to create a plan and follow it. When I come across complex problems, I break them down into smaller pieces and solve each part. This process is consistent for me across all mediums.

GreatRevealerSketches - process

Left; you see the original sketch in done with graphite on paper. Right; you see a digital painting/sketch used in reference for the painting.


“The Great Revealer” – Oil on Canvas – painted 2016


Design – Web/Print

Recently, I have been getting back into UI/UX designing and getting my feet wet by working on some small, daily challenges. I have been really wanting to get back into website design and management so I felt it was time to start working my CSS/HTML skills.

Before I tackle any print or web project, I usually like to start with some simple pen/paper sketches. It helps me work out several wireframes which helps me quickly boil down the design to the essential components. Once I understand the essential components, it can be easier to translate the idea into many different styles.

For example, in this daily UI challenge, I was tasked with mocking up a handful of screens: a calculator, a credit card info capture and a landing page.


Left; you see the final mock up created from the sketches. Right; the sketches for this daily challenge. The sketches are quick and to the point allowing me to quickly start mocking up ideas in Illustrator.


By asking the right questions, gathering the right information and managing the proper expectations, we can design quick and effective posters, fliers and print ready graphic designed materials.




As I start to dig deeper into side projects and continually work on improving my portfolio, I find myself learning more and more about what I want to do. Currently, I am looking for a position as a digital designer, production artist, web manager or illustrator. I am really trying to get involved in the web/tech industry as I would like to continue my professional development in that realm. Within in five years, I would like to fashion my career into that of a Unicorn. If you’re not familiar with a Unicorn, it is a designer who is familiar with and can write their own code.

Till then, I’ll be working on my skills by partnering with new clients and taking on new challenges.

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