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It’s still novel to think that I’ve already been in Oregon now for two months. It seems like time is just flying by as I’m enjoying the adventure tremendously. Plus, it has been a nice change to be out of work for a bit, allowing me time to really concentrate on making art and improve my skills. Here is a small sample of some of the #Inktober sketches I’ve submitted. What is Inktober? Inktober is a hashtag submission for artists to tag their artwork on social media allowing more of a possiblity for users to discover new artists. I actively use this hashtag on my Instagram account @alkme_


Ninjutsu    MagicianCloak   SpatialRelationships

I still would like to find some steady work to support and coincide with my art. Right now I am coordinating with Pixels and Ink ( to work as a partner in the Eugene area to help serve the art community with high quality prints with competitive pricing. When I met Hunter (the owner) in 2013, I knew he was a quality guy and I started doing all of my fine art reproduction through his business. In fact, if you order a print from the webstore ( you will get a fine art print reproduction via Pixels and Ink.

I also do not want to forget my Graphic Design skills, so I am applying for online freelance work as well. This way I may be able to help small clients with layouts for Business Cards, Brochures, Fliers, Signs and more. I have also taken part in a few online design contests for via Creative Allies. You can see the submissions for alternative artwork for Maroon 5 and a Tour Poster design for The Horrors via my digital portfolio (

Fall has turned out to the exact thing I need to help me refocus and appreciate what I have. Good luck, thank you for reading and stay in touch via my Facebook Profile or Instagram (@alkme_)

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