Summertime in Artown

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After almost 2 years of “putting myself out there” I am finally starting to land some large gigs within Reno and July’s promoting platform largely known as Artown. Artown can be fickle at times, but they do help emphasize the arts in Reno in a big way. By taking part in Artown events, you are usually able to reach more people.

While I was putting the finished touches on June’s “Duality Process” exhibition, I was also busy submitting for a few more “call to artists” opportunities. I landed 2 very large gigs which I am very stoked to have been included in. The first was “The Doors to Recovery” initiative, which was started by the Transforming Youth Recovery non-profit here in Reno. The goal of this project is to bring awareness to those in the midst of recovery with prescription drugs and alcohol. Artists were given a door from Reno’s defunct Lear Theatre as a canvas and collective starting point for discussion. Artists were encouraged to change, add and paint the doors as they saw fit in order to carry out their visions. I choose to depict “The Prayer”, which focuses on the idea that the want for change is the first step in recovery. I wanted to depict the person as combination of Sun/Moon (Masculine/Feminine) to highlight the fact that need for Recovery is a situation that could affect anyone, even our solar system.

“The Prayer” – Acrylic and Aerosol on Wooden Door – 2014 – ASF

 The next project I submitted for was the first ever, Circus Circus Mural Competition, which took place over 24 hours during July 13th and 14th. I was very grateful to be included as one of the 7 chosen artists for this location. The chosen artists were tasked with creating a mural in 24 hours over a 20 ft x 14 ft space. We submitted ideas to be chosen but we could modified our designs on the fly. The design I submitted was titled “The River Runs Through It”. I wanted my painting to speak to anyone who passed by, so I decided to go with an abstraction of Reno, using an arrangement of geometric shapes and colors.

"The River Runs Through It" - Aerosol on Mortar - 2014 - ASF

“The River Runs Through It” – Aerosol on Mortar – 2014 – ASF



The last course of events this month will be the largely anticipated, Midtown Artwalk. I will be posting up at Black Hole Body Piercing with a selection of prints and paintings, largely focused on my recent showing “Duality Process”. I am looking forward to meeting new people and to receive so more feedback on my work. I feel like I am finally starting to get a hang of this whole art promotion business.

As for the future, I would like to keep working towards more public murals, found art projects, and commissions while re-focusing on slowing down my studio time. Recently, I have been on “overdrive” trying to get paintings finished for their unveiling. This time, I am going to start working on more oil/acrylic studies and hone in my concepts via sketch. I want the next exhibition concept to reveal itself to me as I paint. Perhaps some of this work my not even see the public eye, which would be a change for me. As I am very conscious about “getting myself out there”. Now that I understand the marketing machine, I feel that I need to focus more on what is truly “my work”. Also I think there can be something said about someone who wants to work in solitude, where the joy of the work is more of a reward than any person’s feedback or praise. I have several “master” painters whose work I would like to get lost in; somewhat akin to a good book. With fall fast approaching, I’m getting ready to scale back and skill up and relax a bit.

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