Summertime Prospects

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Finally getting around to some more updates, content and otherwise.It’s almost half-way through summer and we are already feeling the heat. It’s been so hot in Oregon lately that it reminds me of Nevada.

Alright, let’s see, any new works and what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been very fortunate the last few months to have been hire on as a Graphic Designer for McKenzie SewOn here in Eugene.

So working full time doing art for SewOn has been really nice. While there is a lot of production based work, there are opportunities for fresh ideas and challenging designs once in awhile. Those ones have been helping grow my portfolio with really sold work. Two good examples of this would be the design below.



Design created to be the forefront design for some direct to consumer designs at work. I created this design from my custom illustrations and vector manipulation.


A working logo for the new brand “Pacific Northwest Love”. I created this from hand drawn illustrations and vector manipulation. I decided to go for a “line” driven approach as it’s very befitting to the neo-folk style of the Northwest.

I’ve also been really doing a lot of sketchbook and blackbook work. At the moment, I don’t have any strong connections with any reputable places to display work, so until then, I am planning out all of my paintings via sketchbook. There may be an opportunity for a commissioned mural or two here soon. But even if that falls through, I’ve been finding my own ways to contribute to the public art scene. And of course, exploration painting.


A Beautiful Death

“A beautiful Death” – Pencil, Ink, and Gouache on paper.


“Gratitude” – Aerosol on Paper


Otherwise, goals for the future: I am working toward purchasing an air brush. I think it will add a lot to my painted work. I want to start networking and making some gallery connections happen. It would be great to hang some art again. I want to finish my moleskin journey by August; I want to completely cover it in drawings. Complete 3-5 more paintings this year.

Stay creative~

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