Retrospection and Prepping for the Summer

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It’s about time I get another update out there huh?

Two days ago I had my “1 year anniversary” at CustomInk. Kind of surreal in a way as it feels like the last year went so quick! I can easily think back on the year and clearly see all of the events that shaped that time. While in that retrospective head-space, it’s been pretty amazing to see how much artistic progression I’ve made as well. It make me happy to see what’s possible in a year’s time when one really focuses on a specific task.

Before this, my paintings and drawings were very sporadic. I would work on something for a bit, get distracted with events and then come back to finish the work weeks, if not months later. This process had a tremendous disconnect to my art as it became a task of “I just need to finish this thing” rather than the romantic process of self-discovery that I wanted art-making to be.

Last year, I finally found more of that genuine artistic momentum I have been craving. I have been learning to work more quickly, efficiently and without fear.  Of all of those, that last one has been the most important. My personal fears of “not being good enough” have held back my art for a long time. These fears still exist, but when I am able to squelch them, that is when my best work shines. I am still learning, but reflecting back on progress gives me confidence to keep moving forward.

This year I have been very fortunate to be very ahead. For once, I feel like I finally am on pace, rather than behind per my usual habits. I have already planned a large gallery showing at Reno Art Works for June 2014. I want to make this as big as I can and having the deadline has really been pushing me to create recently. I am excited about this space as it is open and willing to let me do basically anything. I have plans for wall murals, large installations and artworks on canvas and wood.

This winter has given me a lot of time to analyze, plan and prep. I feel like I am starting to finally solidify my artistic thesis or “theme” which I plan to reveal at this show in June. My focus is still very much on “The Process > Final Creation”. As well as exploring the mechanics that drive the creative process. I believe we all capable of making Art, but it does take perspective, presentation and process.

Check out sneak peeks on my instagram @art_is_alkme. Thanks for tuning in~

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